Spout Springs Church

Sundays Mornings @ 9:30A.M. and 11:30A.M.

About Us

2012-11-16 18.31.50The Number One question I get asked about SSC is, “What kind of church is it?” And I think the best answer could well be, “We’re a church for people who may have given up on church but haven’t given up on God.”

That means we don’t look or sound like a traditional church. I don’t look or sound like a traditional pastor. Even our building doesn’t look like a traditional church building.

But we’re still crazy about God–’cause He’s still crazy about us. We don’t just worship, we celebrate. We don’t learn boring facts about Jesus. We learn how to be more like Jesus. And if someone wants to come in and just “check out Jesus” for awhile, we’re fine with that. Even if it’s a long while.

So look around the website.  Check out one of our weekend services. And see if just maybe you’re one of those people who isn’t crazy about church, but loves what’s happening at Spout Springs.  -Pastor Steve