Spout Springs Church

Sundays Mornings @ 9:30A.M. and 11:30A.M.

What to expect

Okay, you’ve heard about the church. Friends have recommended it, or you’ve seen the sign by the road or looked over the website, and you’re thinking you might just check out Spout Springs Church.

But what exactly should you expect if you show up on Sunday morning?


Whenever people visit Spout Springs Church, we ask them what was the first thing they noticed. And card after card, week after week, the responses we get are “How friendly everyone was.” “The smiles.” “How welcome everyone made me feel.”

We’re a bunch of friendly people who love God and love what God is doing through our church. So, even though we have first-time guests every week–often a dozen or more–we’re excited about each and every one. So, from the parking-lot greeters to the children’s workers, expect people to be glad to see you.


We don’t think you can impress God by wearing a suit, but we do think people worship better when they’re not worried about what they’re wearing. So we’re a Come-As-You-Are church. Wanna wear jeans to church? Go ahead. The pastor probably will be, too.

You can even relax about breakfast. We’ve got free coffee and doughnuts available in the lobby before the service. Feel free to bring it to your seat while you worship!

Modern Music

Not that we have anything against hymns, it’s just that we believe people worship best with music that speaks to their hearts–and most of us grew up listening to music with a beat. So, we worship to contemporary music (and our worship band rocks).

Real-World Teaching

Pastor Steve speaks English, not Christianese, and he teaches for normal people, not PhD’s. So you can expect practical Bible teaching designed to impact your life.

Children’s Ministry

While you’re worshipping at our services, your children fourth-grade and under will be having a blast in our children’s ministry. Unless you want to keep them with you in the service while you get the feel of things. (We’re even Family Friendly in the main auditorium.) For more on what your kids can expect, check out our childrens ministry page.