A place to connect with God, with others and with the person God created you to be.

Our goal is to provide groups of various genre where people feel free to explore and enhance their Christian faith in an atmosphere of friendship and mutual regard.

The Ten Commandments For Connection Groups

  • Our groups will emphasize Jesus Christ and the good news of His free gift of salvation.
  • Our groups will honor the Bible as God’s word and will consider it the final authority for truth and Christian living.
  • Our groups will be a place of confidentiality where members can be authentic and share each other’s burdens.
  • Our groups will strive to advance God’s kingdom by making disciples.
  • Our groups will promote a friendly environment where new members are welcomed with open arms.
  • Our groups will strive to multiply by growing and empowering new leaders to facilitate new groups.
  • Our groups will provide a place where every members input is important and discussion is shared somewhat equally.
  • Our groups will provide an “on ramp” for outsiders to join our church family.
  • Our groups will find ways to reach beyond their borders to minister to people outside the group.
  • We will keep our groups small to provide an enhanced opportunity for participation and growth.

We Have Groups In The Following Genre

  • Men
  • Women
  • Singles
  • Everyone Welcome
  • Marriage and Family
  • Leadership
  • Hard Core Bible Study