Spout Springs
Family Life Coaching

Helping you develop a winning strategy for your family.

Family Life Coaching is a ministry of Spout Springs Church, working to strengthen families and help children grow into healthy, well-adjusted adults by developing a personalized strategy to help your family succeed.

Why Family Life Coaching?

All families face challenges, but most don’t have the time or the need for intense (and expensive) counseling. They also don’t need another book.

What most families could really use is a strategy for success, uniquely tailored for them by a professional who really knows their family.

And that is Family Life Coaching, for any parent that is willing to be coached and wants to improve their family relationships.

"There are three keys to successful parenting: Providing Tender Touch, Teaching Personal Responsibility, and Setting Firm Limits." - Tim Gibson

How does family life coaching work?


Meet with our Family Life Coach. During that meeting he’ll learn about your family and guide you
through the survey he developed based on his 27-plus years helping families succeed.
This session will identify each parent’s strengths and weaknesses in the areas that are the pivot points to raising children.


Tim will show you the results of your survey, and work with you to develop a personal family strategy. You’ll leave with a concrete plan for family success.


One month after beginning to implement the strategy, you’ll meet with your coach to see how things are going and further fine tune your strategy.
After this, your coach will still be available to answer questions and even hold additional coaching sessions if needed.

Contact Tim about Family Life Coaching at Tim@SpoutSprings.org