Baptism: Making it Public

In the Bible when a person became a Christ Follower they were baptized as a means of publicly declaring they belonged to Him.

What Is Baptism?
Baptism is a public declaration, by immersion in water, of a person’s decision to become a Christ Follower.

Who Should Be Baptized?
Baptism is for those who have chosen to become followers of Jesus Christ by faith. It is our belief, in line with the biblical accounts, that it is not for infants or those who have not taken their first step in following Christ.
We do offer Child Dedications and you can go to that page for more information.

Why Should I Be Baptized?
FIRST to declare publicly that you have chosen to follow Jesus Christ.
SECOND to identify with Jesus Christ and all that He experienced in dying for our sins and being resurrected to a new life. It was through spiritual baptism into Jesus Christ that Gentiles were admitted into the church and water baptism is the symbol of that spiritual transaction. (Romans 6:4)

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